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"How to Murder Love"

"Inside Maggie's Mind"

"Bouncing Back & Moving Forward"


"To the Child Within "

"A New Day Dawning"

Struggle and Survival

"Dance with Destiny"

"The Image"

"The Addict"





“Inside Maggie's Mind”
Book Summary and Synopsis

 “Inside Maggie’s Mind” is a fiction novel based on fact.  The story is written in third party narration as a mystery, which begins at an ending, and searches back through the past to unfold the truth of a buried tragedy in the life of its main character, Maggie Rainhart.  The story touches on the complexity of life, the struggle of relationships, and the fragile nature of the human mind and emotions.  Throughout the powerful telling of this story, the author strives, through Maggie’s perseverance to obtain an understanding of her life, human weakness and disease, to cause her readers to deliberate on what position they would take in regard to what happened in Maggie’s life.  Just as the author draws her readers emotionally to where she wants them to be, she tosses them a warped twist which leaves them with a confutation that perhaps there has been an obliquity of judgment on Maggie’s part.  This twist enables her readers to actually feel the same confusion that remains always inside Maggie’s mind.  Conclusion: the irrefutable fact that life is neither black nor white but a very, very, deep shade of grey. 

To accompany this novel,  Dawn will paint a series of oil paintings which
will depict various sections of the story.