(Works in Progress)

"How to Murder Love"

"Inside Maggie's Mind"

"Bouncing Back & Moving Forward"


"To the Child Within "

"A New Day Dawning"

Struggle and Survival

"Dance with Destiny"

"The Image"

"The Addict"







“The Image ”

The image is so clearly
Imprinted in my mind
The child frantic for shelter
She knows she’ll never find.

Protect the ones you care for.
Make everything seem right.
Her efforts are exhausting,
But she’ll never win the fight.

Her Dad’s a silent madman
Hurting all within his reach;
And she did learn so very well
All the lessons he did teach.

Never let your feelings out.
If you do it will mean disaster!
Don’t slow down!  Work, work, work!
Keep going faster, faster!

He cannot get you if you’re in flight.
Though you’re tired you must keep going.
Remember Mommy falls to pieces
When your feelings get to showing.

“If you tell Mom she’ll get so sick
And it will be your fault!” the demon said.
And oh how those words echoed through this child’s mind
As her  Mommy laid there looking dead.

But she knew her Mommy wasn’t dead
For she still could hear her weep.
She just sat there sadly watching  mommy go away
You see her mommy’s mind had gone to sleep.

Another lesson learned so well;
You’re completely on your own
And on your conscience you can keep
Your mother’s tortured moan.

The panic rises in her heart
As she chokes on her silent scream.
The hell in which she lives
She knows is not a dream.

In hell born heat she finds no rest,
It withers all it finds
There is no one to help her now
As Daddy draws the blinds.