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“How to Murder Love, A Wife’s Perspective on the Death of a Marriage”
Book Summary and Synopsis

 “How to Murder Love, A Wife’s Perspective on the Death of a Marriage” is a powerful and practical guide for every man and woman who wants to learn what not to do in a relationship.  It is a Memoir creatively and uniquely presented to the reader as a self-help murder mystery which seeks answers to motive, how and when the crime took place, the weapons used, and what could have and should have been done differently in the relationship.  Although this book is an honest reflection and absorbing exploration of what went wrong in a marriage, the story resonates with optimism as it encourages individuals to find the true spirit of their soul and to never settle for less than what they want and need in life.   I have created great successes in my life with whatever I feel passionate about.  I have also gained enormous strength from the pain I have experienced in my lifetime.  It was with both passion and pain that I wrote, “How to Murder Love, A Wife’s Perspective on the Death of a Marriage.

This book is easy to read and has something to offer anyone who has ever been in a relationship that has failed.  It can also serve as a learning tool for clients of those involved in the counseling of relationships.  Many lessons are presented through this in-depth evaluation of the contributions of both a husband and wife to the murder of their love.  The brave and personal presentation of difficult issues such as adultery, racism, and the controversial defense of divorce being, at times, in the best interest of children, combined with an open and honest discussion of the fears, insecurities, anger, loneliness, neglect, resentments, defensive behavior, misunderstandings, inappropriate reactions, and lack of intimacy, all of which appear in so many relationships, will keep a readers’ attention, trigger emotions, and enable them to learn from the mistakes of others.  

As a member of the Writer’s Center of Bethesda, Maryland, I have studied under Ann L. McLaughlin, House on Q Street.  I have also had this story reviewed at numerous writer workshops and it has received wonderful feedback.  The book is not currently available for purchase.  It is being  professionally edited by Barbara Eastman, author of Night Ride Home and The Other Anna, and Co-editor of A More Perfect Union.   Notice will be given when it is available in final print.