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"How to Murder Love"

"Inside Maggie's Mind"

"Bouncing Back & Moving Forward"


"To the Child Within "

"A New Day Dawning"

Struggle and Survival

"Dance with Destiny"

"The Image"

"The Addict"




“Dance with Destiny ”

Suddenly - you’re here
Our souls embrace
Temptation slips in
And my heart starts to race
Your music plays on
The strings of my heart
As our worlds collide
And our senses take part
In a dance with destiny
Between our kindred spirits
There’s an energy releasing
And I find I need to be near it.
But in this new walk of life
I’m lost as to direction
Held captive by
Your enticing affection
One cannot stop an ocean
From flowing to its shore
But I cannot get to where we’re going
Without first closing other doors
Sometimes I wish I could be like others
And just go with the flow
Not think or feel so much
But in my heart I know
That all of life is feeling
And sorting emotions out
And that I feel YOU right now
There isn’t any doubt
But to lie and cheat and sneak around
Would tear me inside out
I’m filled with such anxiety
Cause that’s not what I’m about.
And I really don’t even know you
Or what motivates your soul
Who knows a simple conquest
Might be your only goal
But when I look into your eyes
I know that’s not the case
I see a man with a heart of gold
And a special kind of grace
A man who loves his children
And who works far too much
A man with a somewhat rough exterior
But an ever gentle touch
I find I want to hold you
And help you through this life
And then I start to cry
Because I’m someone else’s wife.
And I love my husband dearly
I just can’t do him wrong
He’s the one taught me how to love
And my feelings for him are strong.
So I retreat into my silence
Trying to determine right from wrong
I work through my emotions
By writing you a song
You know silence can be deafening
When it comes from within the heart
I have so much to say and give to you
But don’t know how to start
Yes I’m filled with mixed emotions
I’m scared but yet I’m not
One minute I’m just fine
Then my stomach’s in a knot
So I struggle to try to understand
Why God has willed this so
And I pray for some sign or answer
Should I stay or should I go?