(Works in Progress)

"How to Murder Love"

"Inside Maggie's Mind"

"Bouncing Back & Moving Forward"


"To the Child Within "

"A New Day Dawning"

Struggle and Survival

"Dance with Destiny"

"The Image"

"The Addict"





One of Dawn's greatest avenues for creative self expression and taking nothing and turning it into something is her writing.  Dawn has been writing both poetry and song lyrics since she was a young child and it was not until her adult years that she began to expand into an intensive exploration of the elements of writing fiction.   Her interest in writing a novel drew her to the Bethesda Writer's Center where Dawn is currently a member.  Dawn has taken numerous classes at  The Writer's Center that have enabled her to hone her skills and sharpen her ability to blend her imagination with true techniques of craft.

Though the writing of a novel is very time consuming, Dawn finds that it is one of her most fulfilling experiences. Through Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction writing Dawn's passions are set free as she creates her characters, draws in her readers early on, keeps their attention throughout her powerfully written stories, and causes them to think and feel right up to her thought provoking endings.