What will happen next under the Sugar Moon?

Sugar Moon is known most for it's high energy performances that show the band is having FUN with what they do best!

Sugar Moon commanding the stage.


David's shaking things up at the Summit Station!

Dawn's really into the music!


Cisco rocks to the rhythm.
Cindy's talent and enthusiasm makes her 
a joy to watch playing the keyboards!


Scott's the master of the strings 
and takes his turn on the lead vocals too!

Jon keeps it all true with his Bass.


When the band gets rocking, the audience gets dancing!

Sugar Moon gets the crowd movin' to the beat!
Summit Station
And dancin'....
Middlebrook Restaurant

Never a dull moment with Sugar Moon!
No matter where they are.

Singing to the crowd on a hot summer day.
Gaithersburg City Hall Noon Tunes
And in a more formal venue.

Sugar Moon, performing at Sunshine Springs Farm in Brookeville MD.

Osbourne Publications office pool party.

Sugar Moon packed the house and showed their energy at the Out of the Way Cafe !



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